• Green Party Of Canada Leader Loves Her BlackBerry Classic

    The 42nd Canadian Federal Election will be taking place on Monday, and the party leaders are into the last leg of their campaigning. While traveling from coast-to-coast to preach the goodness of their political parties campaign stance, you'd expect a sturdy mobile device for them to keep in contact with their family, colleagues, media, office staff, etc.

    Elizabeth May, leader of the Green Party of Canada and Member of Parliament for Saanich—Gulf Islands, goes nowhere without her BlackBerry Classic. As you can see from her impromptu photo below, she clutches her Classic with her wherever she goes. Great to know that one of the party leaders is a "Prosumer".

    Although we don't recommend or endorse any political parties here at BlackBerryOS, it's great to see some of Canada's most prominent politicians utilizing the iconic Canadian BlackBerry devices!

    For your Friday comical pleasure, we've linked a video interview of Elizabeth May from the satirical news segment, This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

    Image Source: Twitter

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