• Great Children's Learning App, Sage Kids, For BlackBerry 10

    Developer Alejandro Reyero has just let us know that his iOS app, Sage Kids, has now been ported to BlackBerry 10. It's also free for a limited time to celebrate the BB10 launch! Sage Kids is a children's learning app that comes with 3 different games to play: Match, Puzzles and Writing.

    Here is a little bit about what Alejandro had to say about bringing the app from iOS to BlackBerry 10:
    This app is a port from the iPhone / iPad version which originally was made with Cocos2d-iPhone in Objective-C. Now it's a pure C++ app using Cocos2d-X, and we are so happy with the result and source code maintainability compared with the Objective-C version that we are going to use Cocos2d-X for all future releases for Apple devices. Developing in the Eclipse based Momentics is a DREAM compared with XCode.
    App description:
    - PUZZLES: improve a child's problem solving and reasoning skills. It helps them to see whole-part relationships; increases their visual awareness and can teach them color recognition, shape recognition, and more. It also trains the hand-eye coordination.
    - MATCH GAME: it enhances their memory skills and also their capacity to identify shapes and colors. The illustrations and sounds will help them recognize the animals and the sounds they make.
    - LEARNING TO WRITE: to practice the drawing of the letters they are learning at school now, with the help of well-known and simple words. Moreover, they will practice the fine motor skills of their fingers, a key ability for writing. Games to learn while having fun!
    FEATURES: • 3 levels of difficulty in the Puzzles • Match Game with funny animals and sounds • Learning to write with a dotted line for each letter.

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