• Which GPS Service Do You Use?

    Given the fact that itís quiet on the BlackBerry news front at the moment, I thought I would put together a poll to see what GPS navigation device you use most.

    I canít tell you how many times Iíve been asked by others why I donít get a navigational device for my car, not that Iíve ever been ridiculously bad with directions. My answer is always the same. I use my carrier's resident nav app on my BlackBerry. Why would I want another device? I donít pay extra for my service and it hasnít failed me yet. But then I began to wonder. I see a lot of personal navigation devices (PNDs) stuck to at least every other car I pass, and I do pass a lot of cars. Iím certain many of the adults driving these cars have cell phones. Why do they use a PND? Do they really offer anything more than my BlackBerry offers?

    How about you, do you use a PND? If so, tell us why you prefer it over your BlackBerry.

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