• Google's Project Fi Could Shake Up Mobile Carriers in Canada

    It's no secret that Canada doesn't exactly have the most affordable cell service. Pick a big carrier and that's it. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) which offer discounted access to large carriers' network thanks to contractual agreements aren't exactly popular in Canada either at least when compared to the United States. Telecom Analyst Bob Klass confirms, “The carriers [in Canada] are very hostile to MVNOs, so it is unlikely that Google would set up shop without some sort of regulatory intervention.” The three main carriers in Canada enjoy 90% of the market. Jerks.

    Check the map above. That's some pretty deep signal range inside of Canada. So what the heck is Google trying to do with their Project Fi MVNO and will it ever branch out beyond the Nexus 6? Or is it just a test and doomed to failure from the same suits suing over net neutrality?

    We're hoping Google opens it up to other phone users eventually and if they're smart, they will. The smartphone has grown in adoptance in Canada. BlackBerry still calls Canada home despite the meager 15% it now controls (numbers from 2013) versus Apple and Android in their home country. And that's WITH government agencies still prefering them over the competition.

    Are you in Canada? Would you use Project Fi if you could on your BlackBerry? Let us know in the comments.

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