• Google+ social network to have BlackBerry compatible web app

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    Google is stirring up quite a "Buzz" once again with their new Google social network, Google+. With this new network comes the mobile apps. And if Google wants to make it as a Facebook competitor, they will need to have a great mobile system in place. Good news for Google, is they have just that. The Google+ app is already available for the Android OS, and is coming soon to iPhone, iPad, iPod with iOS 4+. BlackBerry will see Google+ mobile, but in the form of a basic web app, which I'm assuming won't be much different from the Android app as the video above demonstrates. It will require a OS 6+ BlackBerry device to be able to use the web app as stated in the details of Google's website. See the picture below of what the menu of the web page currently looks like when you access the basic Google+ mobile site...

    How about everyone? Will you leave your Facebook cave to jump on the Google+ bandwagon? I for one, am very interested in the new features and how the hangout video chat groups will work out. As of now, you can only use Google+ by invitation only. See the links below for more info and how to receive an invite. Head to the BBOS Forum and leave us your thoughts on Google's new endeavor.

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