• Getting Hands-on With The BlackBerry Q10

    I was fortunate to have a very brief hands-on with the Q10 after the launch event was finished. The BlackBerry reps weren't giving anything away when I asked about availability. I was politely told that "This is the Z10 lauch." Fair enough I suppose.I'm glad to say that the device is looking good and the leaked photos online just simply don't do it justice.

    The rubberised battery cover sported a woven-texture throughout making it ooze quality while on the surface, the whole phone was flat and the keys ran right to the edge of the handset ala Porsche Design.

    Yes, it was unusual having no trackpad, and it did feel a little odd swiping up from the middle of the phone to wake it up. However, BlackBerry have clearly been working hard on the UI. Contrary to previous leaks, we now have 3 rows of icons allowing for 12 apps or folders on each section of the homescreen. The hub and active frames were still there. The active frames have been reduced to half size, so you might have two appointments appear on the Z10 calendar app, but you'll only see one here.

    The keyboard, as expected, was great to type on. No fancy flicks or gestures though. Just pure brute force button bashing!I'll leave you guys with some close-up snaps of the device.

    Let us know what you think in the comments.


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