• Get The Mini Banner LIVE 10 Theme For Bold 9900!

    Don't have the cash to upgrade to BlackBerry 10 right after it launches on Jan 30th? Or, going to be waiting on that upgrade with your carrier? @drkapprentice from MyBBOTA has created a very nice BlackBerry 10 theme for the Bold 9900 to keep your BlackBerry 10 nerves at bay. The theme has the real BlackBerry 10 icons as well as a live mini banner. The calculator app also has an updated skin. Looks rad!

    Focus on the top banner to activate:
    ALT+ 1-4 for animated scrolling banner
    ALT+ # and @ to hide and show the new message "glow"
    ALT + I and O to swap between green and gray meters.

    Support for more OS 7 devices is also in the works. So check back with MyBBOTA soon to see if your device has been added.

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