• Get A Glimpse Of BlackBerry 10 On Your iOS And Android Device!

    Not convinced if BlackBerry 10 is the right OS for you? Not sure if it's worth dropping your iPhone or Android device? Well, now you can experience BlackBerry 10 without even having to get off your couch. BlackBerry has launched blackberry.com/glimpse, a page dedicated to replicate the BlackBerry 10 UI on various devices, to give these users a chance to check out some of the main BlackBerry 10 features.

    Using your device's browser, head on over to blackberry.com/glimpse and check it out! You will be able to check out the unlock screen, minimizing apps, the Hub, BBM video chat, the BlackBerry 10 keyboard, and more! If you have a Z10, you can also check out the glimpse by directing your browser to the url above.

    Do you guys think this will be a good strategy to get users of other OSes on board with the Z10? Let us know below!

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