• GDocs: Google Docs App For Your BlackBerry Device

    Finally, Google Docs is available for your BlackBerry device through a 3rd party app! GDocs allows you to easily Access, Manage, and Upload to your Google Docs Account from Your BlackBerry. GDocs puts all the functionality of the desktop version of Google Docs on your BlackBerry device. Quickly and easily create, filter, star, share, rename, delete and upload documents from your Google account.

    What can you do with GDocs app?

    • Search and Filter your Document List
    • Star, Share, Rename and Delete your Document
    • View your docs even when you are in offline mode
    • Download the documents to your Device
    • Move unwanted documents to Trash/Bin and restore them if required
    • Easily upload files from your device to your Google Docs Account
    • Create new documents and edit them without using Browser
    • Create a collection of the documents
    • Take a photo with your camera and convert the image to a text document in Google Docs
    • Full screen view of documents for better reading
    • Send documents via E-mail, Bluetooth
    • Update the documents online

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