• Gas Buddy Updated In BlackBerry World

    In this day and age, money is tight and prices of necessities are at an all time high. Keeping more money in your pocket at the end of the day is the ultimate goal. Gas Buddy, an app that keeps track of the local gas prices in your area, is a must have if you do commute daily. I use Gas Buddy many times a week and was happy to see it get an update and bug fixes.

    Some of the updates and bug fixes include:

    • Bug fix for OS (MR) where directions would no longer open from station details.
    • Improved speed of transitions.
    • Fixed photo orientation issues on the Q10 for profile pictures.
    • Various other bug fixes and tweaks to the app.

    If you don't have this app, you should really take the time to download it to your BlackBerry. You can also report your local gas prices and be entered to drawings to win free gas. I find it saves me up to .10 to .12 cents a gallon on most searches for the cheapest local prices.

    You can download Gas Buddy in BlackBerry World for free here.

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