• Gas Buddy For BlackBerry 10 Updated to Version 4.8.0

    With gas prices rising quickly this spring, it's more and more important to try and find the best gas price for you. GasBuddy is the app that helps you do just that. It scans the nearest stations to your location and gives you the prices that let you choose the place with the best deal on gas. GasBuddy also gives away $100 in free gas DAILY randomly to those of you report gas prices in your area.

    A list of the updates is as follows:
    • Cash / Credit Pricing: You've asked for it and we have finally brought it to the app! We have introduced separate prices for stations that have different prices when you pay by cash or credit/debit. You can now view and report cash and credit/debit prices. Cash prices are green and credit prices are blue in stations that have separate cash/credit pricing. Additionally, in List Preferences, you can set to view the lower of the two prices, cash prices only or credit prices only
    • Points Boost: We have increased the points you earn per price report to 200 points and you can now reach a maximum of 1,000 points per day. This allows you to enter our prize draw for FREE gas every single day!
    • Bright/Dark theme support: You can now view GasBuddy in bright(white-based) mode or dark(black-based) mode.
    • Keep Display Awake: We have added a setting that allows you to keep the display awake while using GasBuddy.
    • UI Changes: We have changed fuel price cells in the station details to further emphasize prices and support cash and credit prices. We have flattened some UI elements and changed some icons.

    Bug Fixes: We have fixed the time displayed on prices as well as sorting stations by time last reported.
    So, check your BlackBerry World for the update notification or if you haven't downloaded GasBuddy, head on over to BlackBerry World and get it for free.

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