• Gary Klassen, Creator Of BBM, Caught In Latest Wave Of BlackBerry Layoffs

    The axe has fallen in BlackBerry Land again, this time one of the casualties of the layoffs is BBM creator Gary Klassen. It seems unfathomable that the man who brought us the world's greatest messaging app is no longer employed by the company he helped grow.

    It's akin to firing Thomas Edison after he invented the light bulb. "Nah, that's okay Tom, it's as good as it is going to get. Can't improve on it so...see ya!"

    I don't know what BlackBerry is/was thinking. It's as if BlackBerry felt that the possible end of BlackBerry 10 is the end of BBM. After 16 years at BlackBerry, Mr. Klassen finds himself in an unfamiliar position. As Gary's wife, Jenn said in her Facebook post, "...you've been a wonderful example of integrity, faithfulness, and patience working there but I'm glad you're out. Now lets have some fun before you find something else to do!"

    Thank you Gary. Thank you for what you've brought the world. Can't wait to see what you create next.

    Source: CB

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