• Game Developing In Latin America

    Ezequiel from Rock n' Roll Game Studios sent me some interesting information today about gaming development via Latin America. I've learned some interesting facts. Such as, Latin America is one of the biggest game developing regions, with over 7000 developers and 300 studios that develop games for big time companies, such as, Zynga, Playdom, Disney, ect. The problem is, if you are one of the few "small time" independent developing companies out there, it can be very difficult in getting your games to the market due to the lack of help from publishers, as they tend to focus primarily on US and EU regions.

    Now, I'm not the guy to take sides. If developers in the US and EU produce a better product, do it faster, or it's just easier - that's all part of competition. Let the cards fall as they may. However, I'm also for helping out the little guy to get their voice heard. Anything I can do to help influence some more competition which involves our Latin American friends too, BlackBerryOS is willing to help.

    Below is an infograph from Rock n' Roll studios that gives you the "in a nutshell" perspective about the situation and what they are doing to help the independent developer. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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