• Friday Tip: Use Your Favourite Silent Profile In BlackBerry 10

    Following on from a Friday Tip a while ago about how to easily switch to the silent profile, I thought I’d share something that the BBOS team has discovered on the Z10.

    Whenever you start using your shiny, new Z10 – you’ll probably find the option to toggle silent mode in the settings pull down on the main screen.

    BUT! If you go into notifications and select a different quiet profile, your BlackBerry 10 will remember the last profile that you used and start using this as the toggle option.

    Check out the screenshots below and don’t forget to check which profile you activate if you change them often!

    Firstly, you can see that my profile in the settings is set to 'Normal'. Tapping the notification icon changes it to 'All Alerts Off'
    Tapping the word 'Notifications' takes you into the settings where you can quickly choose a different profile. I'm changing mine to 'Silent'
    Now, back in the home screen, you can see that the silent notification has changed to 'Silent' as well. Now whenever I turn the notification icon, the BlackBerry 10 will use 'Silent' until I change it in notifications again.

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