• Friday Tip: Quickly Switch BlackBerry 10 to Silent Mode

    You're about to walk into a meeting with your boss / cinema / library with an overzealous librarian and you want to silence your BlackBerry 10... fast. You don't want to be fussing with the phone, jabbing away at the touchscreen - you want it to be in Slient Mode now!

    Thankfully there's a neat way to do this in BlackBerry 10.

    Using the volume keys, drop the volume level down to nil so that the mute icon appears.

    http://cdn.blackberryos.com/bbos-ima...screen-o6y.png http://cdn.blackberryos.com/bbos-ima...-muted-do1.png

    Now, just press the volume down button one more time.


    POW! The handset vibrates and the Silent Mode notification appears on the screen to both to let you know that it is now in Silent Mode.

    This can be done from the lock screen as well, so you don't have to worry about unlocking the phone or being able to see the screen. Just thumb that volume rocker!

    To return the phone to your previous sound profile, just press the volume up key.


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