• Friday Tip: Quickly Get At Your BBM Video Contacts


    BlackBerry 10? Check.
    Friends on BBM? Check.

    What we need now is a quick way to find out who is online and ready for a BBM Video Chat! Well good news, tipsters! There is a ridiculously quick and simple way to see which of your friends you can pester at any time! Read on.

    Step 1 - Open Up The Contacts App Menu

    Open up the app, and from the menu, select BBM Video

    Step 2 - Look At The List Of Your BBM Video Contacts

    Yeah, this isn't really a step - that's all you had to do. But give the app a brief moment and you will now not only see your BBM Video contacts, but you'll see if they are online and ready for a BBM Voice or BBM Video chat.

    Step 3 - Have A Chat

    Tap on your contact, and then you can see if how you can chat. Shawn here has a PlayBook and BlackBerry 10, so I can call him on either device! Snazzy. I can either tap on BBM Video or PlayBook Video Chat to call him.

    There you have it - now there's no reason to NOT call your friends at any given time. And as BBM Video is being made available on carrier networks, it's a great time to start using it more and more.

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