• Friday Tip: The Most Important BlackBerry Shortcuts


    Every now and again I find myself telling folk two of the most useful keyboard shortcuts on the BlackBerry, and it never hurts to remind everyone so here goes.

    Show The "Help Me" Screen

    The Help Me screen is very useful as it shows us the important information about our BlackBerry phones. This includes the OS version, BlackBerry PIN, battery level and file space.

    To access the help me screen, hold ALT and SHIFT together - then press 'H' while holding these keys down.

    ALT + CAPS + H

    Restart Your BlackBerry

    When things slow down a little, it doesn't hurt to restart your BlackBerry by performing a 'battery pull'. Taking out the battery and putting it back in clears the wasted app memory and makes the handset a little more responsive.

    But you don't need to even remove the battery cover! Just hold down the left ALT and right CAPS keys - then press the DEL key while holding these down.

    left ALT + right SHIFT + DEL

    Pearl and Touch Handsets

    Some BlackBerry phones don't have the full qwerty keyboard, so we use different shortcuts:

    Help Me on touch-screen handsets:
    Hold the back button, then tap the top left, top right, top left, top right of your screen.

    Help Me on Pearl handsets:
    Hold ALT and press ER, AS, CV, ER

    On a personal note I regularly use these shortcuts and wouldn't be without them!

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