- Friday Tip: Get That Perfect Photo By Taking An HDR Photo With The Original
  • Friday Tip: Get That Perfect Photo By Taking An HDR Photo With The Original

    HDR photos are awesome. They bring out the colour in some pictures that just aren't possible to show with a single shutter speed.

    BlackBerry 10 brought HDR photos to us in the 10.1 update. This essentially makes your BlackBerry take 3 photos within a fraction of a second at varying exposure times. This give the photos a huge range of colour. But HDR photos also create a problem, as any motion in the photo could distort the image. There could be other times when you actually realise after you've taken the photo that you'd like to see more contrast in it after all.

    Thankfully, BlackBerry have considered this, and there's an option to help you out!

    Step 1
    From within the Camera app, swipe down from the top of the screen to bring up the app options. Select Settings.

    Step 2
    In the Settings screen, set HDR Photo Capture to Yes.

    What this will do is set the camera to take both a normal photo and an HDR one at the same time. You'll find two photos are now available to view in the Pictures app.

    It's a simple trick - but I've found that having the choice of the two photos can sometimes make a huge difference to how good my photos turn out.

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