- Friday Tip: Force BlackBerry 10 Apps To Close
  • Friday Tip: Force BlackBerry 10 Apps To Close

    On occasion, we can find that apps aren’t behaving as they should do on our BlackBerry 10 handsets. Even though the phone keeps whizzing along without a care, the app can still misbehave after being reopened.

    We don’t want to be going back to the days of BlackBerry battery pulls, so here’s a very quick tip to force an app to close properly.

    Step 1
    From within the app, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to frame it.

    Step 2
    Press and hold on the ‘X’ to close the app. After a few seconds, the app will close.

    That’s it! It's so simple, your pet llama could do it!

    So what does this do? When you normally close an app – it can still run for a short while to finish a job or task that it’s doing. This makes sure that no data is lost so it’s a good idea to quit apps normally this way.

    However if an app gets stuck for whatever reason, it could hang on. Quitting and restarting the app won’t stop this, so we have to tell the BlackBerry to completely shut down the process.

    Forcing a complete close this way will 'terminate' any app process and make it squeaky clean for the next time you open it. You're happy. Your BlackBerry is happy. Your app is happy, too.

    In fact, as there's no reboot or battery pull required, everyone's chuffed to bits.

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