• Friday Tip: Customise your BlackBerry 10 Search

    Don't you just hate it when you want to search for something on your BlackBerry, but you are stuck using Google, Bing or another preset choice?

    It doesn't have to be this way!

    Now with the BlackBerry 10 browser you choose absolutely any search that you like and add it to the browser.

    Step 1
    Open the Browser

    Step 2
    Go to http://mycroft.mozdev.org/

    Step 3
    Choose a search plugin that you want to add to the browser.

    That's it!
    The new custom search has now been added to the BlackBerry browser search list!

    Now when you search, you can choose your favourite search on the right and then it will load the results in your favourite search engine site. Here's me using my added YouTube search:

    For me it is a great feature as I prefer to use google.co.uk instead of google.com as I can get results more relevant to the UK.

    You can use the Mycroft site to add quick searches to ANY site on the web that has a search box. Amazon, YouTube (like in my example), BlackBerryOS - absolutely anything.

    Bonus Tip!
    As an added bonus, if there are search plugins that you don't use, just press and hold on what you want to remove and then tap on the delete icon.

    Go forth and search!

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