• Friday Tip: Browse The Desktop Version Of Websites On BlackBerry 10

    BlackBerry 10 has the best, most compliant, web browsers out there. That's not my opinion - that's a fact.

    With a browsing experience that is as good (if not better!) as a desktop browser, it's frustrating that sometimes your favourite BlackBerry handset might be forced into the mobile version of a website your visiting. Luckily, a favourite feature from the BlackBerry 5 OS has been brought back to BlackBerry 10 to ease your pain. You can now tell websites that you're browsing from a desktop instead of a mobile!

    Step 1 - Fire Up The Browser
    Simply open up the Browser on your phone. Here you can see that I'm looking at the mobile version of Google.

    Step 2 - Go To The Settings Menu
    http://cdn.blackberryos.com/bbos-ima...-step2-a5z.pngOpen up the action bar, hit settings.

    Step 3 - Go To Developer Tools
    In settings, open the Developer Tools setting.

    Step 4 - Turn on Desktop Mode
    Just switch Desktop Mode from 'off' to 'on'

    That's it! As you can see, going back to the browser I now have the full version on Google on my Z10.

    I find myself turning this off and on regularly, as some websites offer a great mobile experience while others seem to leave out features which I need while I'm on the move.

    As a technical note - the Browser will tell websites that you are using Chrome on Windows 7 when you are in this mode.

    It's great to see this back in BlackBerry 10 - and a feature I very much missed on BlackBerry 7. Use it, abuse it and enjoy the web!

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