• Friday Tip: 4 Steps To Becoming A Selection Monster On BlackBerry 10

    Probably the toughest thing for seasoned BlackBerry users to get used to with BlackBerry 10 is the absence of the iconic (nay, incomparable) trackpad. With a deft flick of a thumb, BlackBerry users could smugly select text of all shapes and sizes with very little effort.

    Even with the Qwerty devices now out there, it's still a little tricky to select large chunks of text. So here's a simple way to easily select groups of words quickly.

    Step 1: Press and hold on a word
    This will select the word that you are holding your digit on in about a second like so:

    Step 1a: Keep pressing on the word
    Whoa! Another second and it's just selected the whole sentence!

    Step: 1b: Keep that finger on!
    Another second and now my BlackBerry has selected the rest of the paragraph! That's pretty neat...

    Step 1c: Don't let go!
    What the...? There's a box around the text and now the screen is scrolling down?! And it just keeps on going until I let go! That's really neat!

    OK - so I lied a little bit - it's not 4 steps. It's actually 1 step. Press and hold and the selection magic will happen all by itself.

    When you're done you can still use the selection grippers to fine-tune what you've selected. Now go and play!

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