• Free Today - Gobble Those Pills With Pac-Man On BlackBerry 10

    Imagine that you're locked in a dark room. You can't see anything, except a maze of walls. Pills are discarded through the corridors. As you start to eat them, you see ghosts appear in a terrifying delusion of primary EGA-based colours. Your only way to escape? Eat all the pills!

    That's right, everyone's favourite psychedelic weirdo, Pac-Man, is today's BlackBerry giveaway. Unless you've been living in the hidden compartment of a basement that's securely locked at the back of a cave 100' from the tip of K2 - you're probably aware that this is the classic 1980's arcade game from Namco.

    After nearly 35 years Pac-Man hasn't changed a bit and this version is faithful to the original, with classic graphics and migraine-inducing sound effects. It also connects to BBM and Scoreloop so you can compete against your friends for the dubious recognition of Pac-Man King!

    Pac-Man also comes with a host of control methods - either swipe, use a virtual joystick or bluetooth gamepad to move your favourite pizza shaped guy around.

    Pac-Man is available on Z10, Z30, Q5, Q10, P'9982.

    More information / download Pac-Man from BlackBerry World

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