• Free BlackBerry Torch at Best Buy!

    Have you been wanting to upgrade to another BlackBerry but don't have enough funds? Well, wait no more! Best Buy is offering a free BlackBerry Torch (any color), starting today, to any who qualify for an upgrade or want to sign a new 2-yr contract! If this isn't incentive enough to switch to AT&T, then I don't know what is. Best Buy will be running the promotion for the rest of December.

    And if the BlackBerry Torch isn't for you, are currently offering the Curve 9330 through Sprint and starting this Sunday, December 12th, the T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 9300, both with a 2 year contract or a valid upgrade.

    Would I make the switch? After 15+ years with Verizon...no. But I would certainly like to get my hands on the BlackBerry Torch. I have heard many good things about it, but I just can't do it!

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