• Foursquare For BlackBerry 10 Now Updated To v10.0.0.2877

    4Sq users worldwide, you'll be happy to know that updates for your beloved social media platform app will be aplenty on BlackBerry 10. We are seeing an updated in BlackBerry World to v10.0.0.2877, which adds a boatload of new features and enhancements.

    This update includes:

    • New Venue Page - We now show you the most important stuff up top when you tap on a place's name, like the rating, address, hours, menu, and phone number. Plus, we've added, big, swipable photos to help you get a sense of what it's like.
    • Tap To Share - Want to share what you're looking at with a friend? Just tap your phones together from any place or tip screen, nu buttons necessary.
    • Update Your Profie Photo - You can now update your profile photo directly from within foursquare for BlackBerry 10.

    Are you seeing this update? Let us know what you think of the improvements!

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