• FourPlay For PlayBerry PlayBook - FourSquare App

    I've looked high & low for a FourSquare app for the BlackBerry PlayBook, but apparently I wasn't looking in the right places. While looking recently in "Recently Updated" apps on App World, I noticed FourPlay.

    FourPlay For PlayBerry PlayBook
    is exactly what you'd expect from a FourSquare app on your tablet. This 3rd party Foursquare app brings all the features you'll find on your official FourSquare app found on your BlackBerry Smartphone. I was amazed at the fact that my location was more accurate within this app than it is when I use my Bold 9900.

    With many tweaks/updates rumored to be coming to a future build planned to be released around the same time as PlayBook OS 2.0, & with no plans official 4Sq app on the horizon, this application is a must have for anyone who checks-in often.
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