• Forget Pen And Paper, Georgina Campbell Inks Publishing Deal After Writing First Novel On Her BlackBerry Bold

    Hardcore BlackBerry users all agree, the keyboard on our devices enables us to type effortlessly for a long time. Some of us write really long BBMs, and others, like myself, even write articles in its entirety on their devices. However, Georgina Campbell, from Vauxhall, south London, seems to have outdone a lot of us. She wrote an entire novel on her BlackBerry Bold 9790.

    The 55,600 word novel, "The Kickdown Girls," impressed a publisher, Memoirs Books, who decided to go ahead and ink a deal with to her to get it on the bookshelves. The book is now on sale on Amazon and other distributors.

    Another great example of how BlackBerry people do.

    Make sure you read the full story on the Dailymail UK

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