• FlyCraft For BlackBerry PlayBook Now Available!

    We reported just a couple days ago that FlyCraft would be coming to the BlackBerry community this week on the PlayBook. The developers were able to uphold their promised release date, as FlyCraft is now available in BlackBerry App World as of today! FlyCraft is a game that was developed exclusively for the BlackBerry PlayBook. So, if you only have an iOS or Android device, you won't be able to download the game. Sorry! Well, not really.

    Something else I should note, is that if you go to the "Settings" menu and read the credits, you'll notice that under "Special Thanks To," Team BlackBerry is mentioned. That's because BlackBerryOS was picked to choose a special shout-out for our participation in getting FlyCraft known to the community. The developers said we could add any name of our choosing. And instead of choosing selfishly to put our BlackBerryOS in the credits, we opted to have them add "Team BlackBerry" as our thanks to the entire BlackBerry community. Because without your help, the special shout-out could never of happened.

    Hurry and get to BlackBerry App World and download FlyCraft for PlayBook. And it's only $1.99!

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