• Five Ways The BlackBerry Priv Is Made For The Space Age

    Lightweight, sleek, sturdy are all ways to describe the BlackBerry Priv. Even BlackBerry wants to compare the Priv to Star Wars similarities; and why not? The BlackBerry Priv is comparable to the stylish designed vessels in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, as told to us by Inside BlackBerry. The Five ways the BlackBerry Priv is a Space Age Marvel.

    1. The Tensile Knit Back

    The PRIV’s TensileKnit back cover builds on our knowledge of formed glass fiber weave composites, a technology used by the aerospace industry, and one which is stronger than carbon fiber. We made tremendous advances in reducing the thickness, leading to a strong shell which is only 0.35mm thick, and finished with a soft feel coating to provide texture and utility grip.
    This allows the phone to be both incredibly durable and yet also incredibly lightweight.

    2. The Sliding Keyboard

    The PRIV’s slide-out keyboard with SmartSlide technology uses a slider comprised of 6061-aluminum, a powerful alloy most often used in aircraft construction. Like the TensileKnit back, the slider mechanism is both light and durable. No matter how much you use your keyboard, it will never lose the satisfying ‘snap’ you experience when opening it.

    3. Anodized Camera Bezel

    In order to fortify the camera ring’s bezel, we constructed it of anodized aluminum. By creating a fine oxide film that coats the bezel, we make it highly resistant to corrosion. This is the same technique used by many airplane and spacecraft manufacturers to strengthen the exterior of their vessels.

    4. The Gorilla Glass Screen

    The PRIV’s 5.4 inch formed glass display offers more than just beauty. It’s protected by rigorously drop-tested Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4, which offers both solid protection and a crystal-clear viewing experience. Although highly durable, it still feels soft and smooth to the touch.

    5. Precision-Built Design

    On a space shuttle, each and every part of the vessel fits seamlessly together, and each component is created with a function in mind. We applied that same design principle to the PRIV, from the engineered resin on the frame to the formed glass of the screen to the aircraft-grade keyboard slider. For every material and part, we considered ergonomics, weight, durability, and function.

    BlackBerry has even provided a video to show these quality build and design features.

    Mobile? Click Here For Video

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