• First Picture Of BlackBerry Milan (Slider Device) Leaked

    The guys over at Crackberry have gotten their hands on a gem. The picture above is according to them the next generation BlackBerry 10 slider device codenamed "Milan." The device answers a few questions we've all been wondering about. Would there be a device with a keyboard on it? What would the keyboard be like?

    The screen is beautiful and big and although no specs have been given, the Milan, like all other BlackBerry 10 devices, is said to have better screen display than the iPhone's retina display and other great features. This picture also shows us how we will no longer have buttons (aside from the keyboard) on the screen area. No more trackpad, call, end, BlackBerry, or back buttons.

    I find it interesting that RIM changes the name of the OS to BlackBerry 10 last night (this morning in Singapore), they get ripped for it online, and all of a sudden a perfect picture of a new beautiful device gets leaked the next day. Way to deflect negative attention RIM.
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