• First official images of the Priv by BlackBerry

    To this point there have been many leaked images, renders and videos of the Priv by BlackBerry, but now we are getting our first glimpse at high-res official images of the device. The images posted today on the official "Inside BlackBerry" blogs are extremely high detailed rendered images of the upcoming slider device.

    The images show the device from a side angle opened and closed. Looking at the images it appears the device is very thin, for having a slider. There is also an image of the device from a slightly lowered front angle with the keyboard extended.

    The device is clearly running Android, as it was announced.

    One interesting thing we discovered is that if you zoom in on the icon to the far left and bottom of the screen it appears the icon has a BlackBerry logo and the words "DTEK" below it. The image appears to have a shadow of a man in the icon, leading me to believe it may be some type of security or privacy application. At this point I am unsure what that is used for, but it has certainly sparked my interest.

    The icons visible on the screen are the following:

    • Contacts - This looks very similar to the BB10 contacts icon.
    • BBM - This also has the BlackBerry spark notification on the icon.
    • Calendar - This looks very similar to the BB10 calendar icon. If you notice the date on the devices the 20th and the icon shows the default Android date of the 31st. This makes me assume the icon date will not change with the actual date, as it does in BB10.
    • Google Play Store - This confirms the device will be using Google Play Store for third-party applications.
    • Folder of Google Apps - This include Google Search, Google Drive, G-Mail, and Google Maps.
    • Camera - This looks very similar to the BB10 camera icon.
    • Google Chrome Browser
    • Text Message - This looks very similar to the BB10 camera icon and shows the BlackBerry spark notification on the icon.
    • DTEK - I am unsure what this icon is. It has the BlackBerry logo above it.

    Here is a closeup of the BlackBerry DTEK icon.

    What do you think BlackBerry DTEK is? What do you think of the device?

    Let us know in the comments below!

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