• First Look: Skype On The BlackBerry Z10

    We have just been overwhelmed with the amount of Skype goodness today. Aside from the public announcement of Skype's availability on Q10 and Z10 devices soon, we managed to receive an early build of Skype for the Z10.

    If you don't want to load up the .bar file right away, and prefer to see how it works before anything, we've got you covered!

    On first launch, you will see the same warning screens about how making video calls while on the mobile network might run up your bill. And another disclaimer stating that although the app should work, it may not be up to not be up to snuff with your expectations as the Z10 is not quite a supported phone yet.

    Video calls come in just fine as long as you are connected to a decent enough WiFi hotspot. Connectivity issues on the mobile network cause pops, clicks and stuttering sounds.

    We did find that performance is improved by simply going into the settings and changing video quality to low. On occasion, the video will freeze, while audio continues to come in. Be warned however that Skype for BlackBerry Z10 is prone to cause your device crash and reboot if you have loaded the leaked 10.1 OS.

    Everything else works as it should, including SMS messages, as well as instant messages.

    Look below to check out some screenshots and a first look video with Joe and John, and let us know how Skype is working for you!

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