• First Look At The BlackBerry Newsstand App Coming To BlackBerry 10

    We first heard about the BlackBerry Newsstand app during BlackBerry World 2012 back in May in Orlando and today we're letting you guys know a little bit more about what it is, and how the app functions on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha.

    The BlackBerry Newsstand is a BlackBerry 10's magazine store front. It contains a ton of popular magazine in the world. From Esquire to the National Geographic to 360, BlackBerry Newsstand packs a punch with the amount of different choices the user is given.

    When you open the app, you can choose to log in, which to no surprise is done using your BlackBerry ID, with literally one tap.

    The app itself is super fluid. In true BlackBerry 10 style, every part of the screen is interactive. From the continuously changing carousel of magazine titles, to the pull down menu/settings, this app is so BlackBerry 10 native.

    Downloading/purchasing a magazine is pretty simple and straight forward and can be done in two simple taps.

    Once the magazine starts downloading, you can actually start reading as it's being downloaded, which I think is pretty cool since a lot of these magazines are rather large in size. The transitions between the pages are still a little rough, but there's no doubt that this app is obviously still being worked on and will be a lot better once the official launch hits.

    All in all, I think the BlackBerry Newsstand will be a super welcome addition to the BlackBerry native apps lineup. Many BlackBerry users are avid readers and this app will definitely bring a fun, and entertaining side to magazines on our devices come BlackBerry 10.

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