• First Leak Appears for Z10 Load Up Version

    Out of the woodwork comes a leak for the new BlackBerry Z10. This will update your device to version, however this is process is not for the weak as it requires a bit of know-how, and a computer running Windows.

    1. Download OS v10.0.10.261 for the BlackBerry Z10
    2. Download the Loader tool from developer.blackberry.com
    3. Unzip OS and loader.
    4. Turn off your BlackBerry Z10.
    5. Run the file Autoload.
    6. When prompt shows “Connecting to Bootrom”, connect your Z10 to your computer and turn it on.
    7. If you have a password set on your device, type your password when prompted.
    8. After your device restarts, complete the set up wizard.

    If you are familiar with loading leaked OS versions on Java based BlackBerry devices, you should already know to back up your information before attempting to load this OS.

    Source: CrackBerry

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