• First Impressions: BBM Music Will Be Successful

    While many in the blogosphere are already taking shots at RIM's new BBM Music service after only being out for a few days, it seems that all BlackBerry users that are actually using BBM Music love it. The feedback from within the app is outstandingly positive. I don't necessarily blame too many people for doubting RIM's latest music service announcement. I too was extremely hesitant about accepting this idea until I tried it for the first time.

    Research In Motion's plan upon releasing BBM Music publicly, is to allow every new user access for one free month of service to test out the app, invite friends, get your first 50 songs; etc. This will be when users are hooked. Yes this service will be $4.99/month according to rumors and to most, paying $5/month for 50 songs doesn't really make sense. The point though is that it's not just 50 songs that you're getting. It's actually a lot more.
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