• Fido To Bring Wireless Services To The Maritimes

    Rogers has just let us know that Fido will be extending its services into the Maritimes in the coming weeks, opening five kiosk locations in Halifax, Moncton, Fredericton and Saint John. Fido will also be available in over 50 third-party retailers across the Maritimes this spring, which means more BlackBerry 10 goodness available easily to more Canadians.

    Known for its caring, customer-friendly approach and providing straightforward and affordable wireless services to Canadians since its launch in 1996, Fido will bring more choice to residents of these provinces. Benefits from being a Fido customers include:

    • FidoADVANTAGE which includes a suite of services such as transparent agreements and easy upgrades with Fido Tab24,
    • live call-in support with Fido LiveAnswers
    • device trade-in offers with FidoTRADE
    • rewards program with FidoDOLLARS

    Check out the full press release here for more info.

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