- Fat Fingers For PlayBook - Your eBay Deal Catcher
  • Fat Fingers For PlayBook - Your eBay Deal Catcher

    Did you know that misspelling a product for sell on eBay can affect how well the item can be found by potential buyers? This ultimately can result in the auction item not getting the recognition it needs to start a bidding war. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to find those misspelled hard to find items on eBay so that you could be the one to get in on that great auction price? Well, with a new PlayBook app by C2Development, you can do just that! Fat Fingers for PlayBook is a powerhouse eBay search engine that finds those misspelled apps allowing you to get in on those deals that no else can find.

    Having already tried the app out, within my first couple of searches I found a misspelled item with no bidders. As you can see from the screenshot below that when I typed in "BlackBerry PlayBook" the search engine cleverly found a misspelled entry, "BalckBerry PlayBook." BTW, those interested in a deal on a new PlayBook may want to take notes.

    Overall Fat Fingers runs very smooth, fast, and the interface is easy to navigate on. There is even a feature that takes you directly to eBay if you would like to explore more about your searched items. And for only $1.99, an app that can save you literally hundreds of dollars, I'd say that it's a useful bargain.

    Be sure to follow the guys of C2Development on Twitter for the latest, and be sure to let us know in the comments if Fat Fingers scores you a eBay deal!

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