• Facebook Updated In BlackBerry Beta Zone To v.

    Facebook has been updated in the BlackBerry Beta Zone to ver. so go grab it now!! Seems that this update includes some major fixes.

    • Status Cleared notification doesn't make sense
    • Update help URLs for Facebook 3.1
    • Got a state that could not exit Facebook setup wizard if Facebook opened from other access points
    • No photo on post
    • Facebook does not update while on Wi-Fi. Mobile Wi-Fi does work however.
    • App takes very long time to refresh comments.
    • Clicking “resend" on a status update doesn't seem to work
    • Focus is lost after scrolling thru a very long post.
    • Likes count incorrect in Likes list if launched from stagnant comment screen
    • Doesn't work on Wi-Fi only connection
    • Send icon is missing in command screen
    • User is not able to scroll to Facebook title bar to open navigation screen on the new chat conversation screen if cursor is not at the beginning of text box
    • Comments for Notes are limited to 1000 characters while on the web the limit is 8000
    • Event Created By lists incorrect name
    • BBM Text for check in is not localization friendly and might cause issues in other languages
    • Focus order on comment page
    • Focus jumps to the top of the notifications list after marking an unopened notification as opened

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