• Facebook For BlackBerry v. Available Now In The App World

    One of the best social networking sites has finally been released out of Beta Zone. Facebook for BlackBerry version is now available in the App World for everyone. BlackBerry users will definitely appreciate and will surely enjoy the improvements of this new version.

    New features of Facebook for BlackBerry smartphones 3.0 include:
    • BBM Connected App Integration where you can share your FB status to your BBM contacts right within the app
    • New Facebook Publisher, Share with BBM Contact
    • UI Discoverability Improvements
    • Improved Facebook Notifications
    • User-Friendly Error Messages

    When Facebook 3.0 was released to Beta Zone members only, some did not appreciate the changes due to issues like duplicate posts and others. However, not all of the changes are negative and I do believe that's the reason why it is now out for everyone in App World. So head over the App World and try this new Facebook 3.0 and do not forget to share "what's on your mind".

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