• Facebook For Legacy Devices Now Available In The BlackBerry Beta Zone

    The folks at BlackBerry have updated their Facebook app to version in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Although at this time, some Beta Zone users are reporting that they are having issues downloading this latest version. It seems to be an issue with OS 5 and OS 6 devices and it is currently being looked into by the Beta Zone staff.

    If and when you are able to download the Beta Zone version of Facebook you'll find a bunch of new features to the app, including:

    • Photo tags: ability to add tags to photos with existing tags/photos with no tags
    • Photo: pinch-to-zoom ability
    • Photo: overlay improvements for full screen photo browsing, including hide/show tag option, updated icons for Like/Comment
    • Navigation list (implementation of search feature, new groups and pages list)
    • New Separate Friends and Pages screens
    • New Notifications quick view and improvements in notifications jewels

    So download the new Facebook for BlackBerry in the BlackBerry Beta Zone and enjoy some of the new improvements. If you're having trouble getting it to download because you're running an older OS, give the Beta Zone people a chance to figure out the bug.

    You can download or sign up for the Facebook beta in the BlackBerry Beta Zone here.

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