- Facade For PlayBook Brings Your Favorite Social Media Timelines Into One Place
  • Facade For PlayBook Brings Your Favorite Social Media Timelines Into One Place

    One of my favorite parts of App World is the New Arrivals section. This is where I found this new app this evening and decided to give it a try.

    Facade is a cool app that allows you to combine your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Sina Weibo (Don't worry, I had to look this one up too) accounts into one easy to read timeline. You can post to all your accounts at once or select each account individually instead.

    This is an Android app that's been ported over to the PlayBook, but it has worked extremely well for me so far.

    It can be a little confusing in terms of the different timelines when you first start. Once you sign into all your accounts, the feeds just don't show up until you go into the settings (swipe down from the top bezel) and adjust how frequently you want to be updated. After that, hitting the "reload" button at the button will show the combined timelines in the app.

    The cool thing is, once that's done, you can pretty much just refresh the timeline whenever you see fit or wait till it updates automatically based on your predetermined intervals.

    One more thing, Facade for the PlayBook is free. What do I like more than cool apps? Cool apps that are free and this one definitely fits in this category.

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