• Erica Hill Of The Today Show Uses A BlackBerry; Has Questions About Her Battery Life

    Today Show Weekend host and anchor Erica Hill posted on Twitter a few days ago that she had an issue with her BlackBerry battery. "Why does my #blackberry insist on dying so regularly?? Oy", was one of her tweets and that caught my attention.

    She then must have started the age old dust up of BlackBerry vs. iPhone users on twitter by saying she owns both an iPhone and a BlackBerry. This led her to say that, "She likes both having the iPhone and the BB. And with that, I put the debate to bed :-)"

    I work for an NBC affiliate so her tweets piqued my interest. I did try and tweet her back to see what her issues were with her BlackBerry to see if I could help. Unfortunately, I did not get a reply. But it's nice to see another person on the Today Show using a BlackBerry as does another co-anchor of hers.

    Ms.Hill, if you're reading this, please follow the suggestions on this link about preventing battery drain. It's always a good idea to follow those little suggestions because they will help your BlackBerry's battery life last a good while longer. Also, if you have the new BlackBerry Z10, here are some suggestions for extending the battery life for that device.

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