• Enigmatic "PLAYBOOK SECURITY" Boxes Delivered to Rogers Stores

    The above image sent by an anonymous tipster to MobileSyrup hints at the eminent release of the long awaited 4G PlayBook purported to be available by the end of last month. It doesn't let much into what is actually inside the boxes delivered to a few select stores, but we know for sure store managers who misplace the contents of these boxes will not receive replacements.

    Given the lack of information regarding these packages, it could be nothing to get overly excited about. One possible explanation for the package being that it includes mounting hardware and training materials for displaying the device in stores. There is obviously no rush to get these opened since the above message says to just set the package aside until further notice.

    What it does tell us is that all the pieces are moving into place for a possible strategic launch of PlayBook OS 2.1 and the 4G LTE tablet when the OS is ready.

    What do you make of these mysterious packages?

    Source: MobleSyrup

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