• Emotion Reading Patent Filed By RIM

    Have you ever sent a text message or BBM to someone and felt that they just didn't get what you were feeling? According to a patent filed by Research In Motion, we could very well see emotion-relaying BlackBerrys soon hit the market. Using a variety of sensors (both physical and software) to detect the user's 'implied emotion' when a message is being sent, this technology could add or alter the message you are trying to send. The description from the patent filling is as follows:

    The present disclosure provides a device and method to convey emotions in a messaging application of a mobile electronic device. An emotional context of text entered into the messaging application is determined and an implied emotional text is presented for at least a portion of the entered text in accordance with the determined emotional context. The emotional context may be determined from captured sensor data captured by one or more sensors.
    Could this mean our kids will no longer be able to lie to you when they text you what they're up to? Only time will tell...

    Source: Engadget via USPTO

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