• EmergencyLink App - Free 24-Hour Emergency Response Service

    The makers of the EmergencyLink app have contacted us to let us know about their new very handy little app. In a nutshell, EmergencyLink is a service that allows you to store your emergency information and share it with friends and family, and it also provides real 24-hour support. Think of a scenario where you get into an accident and don't have proper identification or that ability to relay information about yourself or your emergency contacts. That's where EmergencyLink solves the problem. And best of all, this app is free to download in App World!

    EmergencyLink has many other uses, including:

    • You have been injured, are unconscious, and need assistance from our 24-Hour Emergency Response Center. Medics will call our Response Center as instructed on your ID cards and we will inform them of your medical conditions and will call your emergency contacts.
    • Your child is missing and you need to immediately create a missing persons report or Amber alert for the police. Having all the information stored on EmergencyLink you can create a one-touch report in seconds or call the Response Center and we will send the information to the police for you.
    • Your friend is injured and they need your assistance. If they have "shared" their information you will be able to access their emergency contact list and contact the people needed to best assist in the emergency.

    How does it work?

    • EmergencyLink allows members to easily organize and store all their important information on our website or BlackBerry application.
    • EmergencyLink members are issued ID cards and a screen saver for their phone that informs emergency and medical personnel to call EmergencyLink, on your behalf, in an Emergency.
    • EmergencyLink will provide emergency personnel with your important medical information (allergies / medications) and will call your emergency contacts to inform them of your situation.

    Other Features:

    • EmergencyLink allows members to securely share their information among family and friends through our website and Blackberry application.
    • Take pictures of your important documents (Drivers License, Medical ID Card) and store them on EmergencyLink. If you ever lose your wallet your important documents are backed up with us.
    • Your information will stay in sync between the website and the mobile application so the most current information is always at your fingertips.
    • BlackBerry users can use the EmergencyLink screensaver as an additional measure to inform first responders that they are a member of EmergencyLink.

    For those worried about your data, here is a privacy statement from EmergencyLink...
    SECURITY AND PRIVACY: Your data is extremely secure. We have many of the same security standards as a major financial or insurance institution. We will not sell your information to third-parties, for any purpose.

    Let us know what you think of EmergencyLink in the comments below!

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