• EE Gives Customers 2 Reasons To Sign Up for BlackBerry 10 Updates

    As we get closer to launch, the more than 150 global carriers expected to simultaneously carry BlackBerry 10 devices are starting to crop up. We reported a few days ago that that the European EE network, comprised of T-Mobile, and Orange tweeted that they would have BlackBerry 10 come to their 4G network. Given that RIM has no exclusivity agreements with any one carrier, it makes sense that each company is now trying to provide incentives for customers to stay or switch over from other carriers.

    Earlier today EE tweeted that they would randomly gift one of two BlackBerry 10 devices for just for signing up for information on availability dates. If more carriers follow suit, it may be a win-win for consumers looking to get out of their current carrier's "bad coverage." Honestly I'm starting to like the authentic effort carriers are making to captivate the thousands of customers waiting anxiously for #BlackBerry10 to finally hit the shelves.

    We'll be doing our own BlackBerry 10 giveaway soon, so stay tuned!

    Source: EE

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