• Editorial: RIM's Future Part I: DroidBerry?

    RIM's future is about as uncertain as it can get. For many regular BlackBerry users this doesn't really affect their daily lives as, worst case scenario if BlackBerry dies out, they could simply move on and get a new phone with a new company. For some us though, the thought of our beloved Canadian-based cellphone manufacturer going under is a super depressing one.

    None of us want to even think BlackBerry could just disappear and that we'd have to decide between getting an Android, Windows 7, webOs phone or iPhone. But with all the negative publicity RIM has been getting these last couple of weeks, one can't help but wonder what the future holds for BlackBerry. Will we ever see the QNX-based OS we've been promised? Will RIM get a new CEO(s) that might want to take BlackBerry in a different direction? Will RIM be bought out by another company (Google, Apple, Microsoft, HP)?

    While we have no way of knowing what a specific person taking over the CEO role could do to improve a company, we can guess and hypothesize what a merger with another giant could bring to the table for us BlackBerry users. That's why this last question presents to me the most interesting scenario worth debating. Could a merger work?

    Originally, I was going to concentrate on covering all this information in one article. Half an hour into it I realized it would be nearly impossible so I decided to divide this editorial into three parts. Here is Part I. Please forgive me for what I'm about to write.
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