• Duff McKagan Keeps Rocking With His BlackBerry

    I was listening to Howard Stern a few weeks ago and caught Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull, being interviewed by Howard. Pitbull mentioned he did all his business on his BlackBerry, Stern was astonished. "BlackBerry?", Stern asked. "You can't crack the Black, replied Pitbull. So, it should come as no surprise that many music stars and rock entrepreneurs still use their BlackBerry faithfully. Today we learned that former Guns N' Roses bassist Duff McKagan is a loyal BlackBerry user.

    Duff, in a wonderfully interesting article over at Inside BlackBerry Blog, reveals his loyalty to BlackBerry and his P'9983. He also tells tale of his life and how his BlackBerry helped him show his story to the world. He is not your run of the mill, stereotypical rock star.

    “I stand up for my gadget and am constantly amazed by iPhone snobbery. But, really, this speaks to how we deal with loyalty. I’m a loyal motherf**ker. I know a bunch of us are. Whether it’s OG punk rock or rap, Calvin Klein briefs, Pennzoil, or the girl that we love, there are men of this modern age who insist on loyalty… Loyal people grew up with a good dog. Loyal people have a mom they think is a saint. Loyal people get disappointed when others break their trust. Loyal people stay with their BlackBerry…

    The BlackBerry is a rare species to spot in the wild these days, but it’s out there. We BlackBerry users know who each other are, and I sense a whiff of dignified air when we cross paths. We nod knowingly. BlackBerry owners are the ones taking care of all of the real business that makes our world go around…

    You all wouldn’t know this stuff. You’re too busy posting to Instagram, while we’re busy getting it done.”
    Duff absolutely nailed it.

    it's refreshing to know that rock stars, no mater how old they get, are some of the brightest and highly creative people on the planet. They are loyal and know what quality is.

    Here's a nod to Duff McKagan and hope that more of us cross paths with him.
    Source: IBB

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