• DroidStore, Native ‘Google Play’ Client for BlackBerry 10 Launched In Public Beta

    With the introduction of direct APK Android App installation on OS, several BlackBerry Devs have made it their goal to try and recreate the Google Play experience to install Android apps in a native BlackBerry 10 Google Play Store client. DroidStore by NemOry is among those that are rising to popularity very quickly.

    This native BlackBerry 10 Google Play Store client provides support for in app downloading, speed view, direct installation of free apps, dark and light themes, search, managing APK’s, and more. It shows you the size, rating, description, icon, and paid/free status of the app.

    The developer has mentioned that this app is a work in progress, with hope for additional features and tweaks/updates to be release in the near future.

    Droid Store(v1.1)
    http://kellyescape.com/droidstore1.1.bar – Permanent Token – Stable In App Downloading

    Droid Store(v1.2)
    http://kellyescape.com/droidstore1.2.bar - It automatically changes download source if the other is down

    Droid Store(v1.2.1) Latest Version Available
    http://kellyescape.com/droidstore1.2.1.bar – Added Force Download Button – In case In App Downloading Server Is Down

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