• Download the BlackBerryOS Google Chrome app!

    So, when I became a blogger for BlackBerryOS, I needed a quick way to access the site. Since I use Google Chrome, I decided to make a Google Chrome Application for BlackBerryOS. When installed, this app will display a shortcut to BBOS on your New Tab page, enabling you to easily access all the wonders that is BBOS.

    Firstly, you need Google Chrome installed on your computer. To install the app, simply download the .zip file I have included as an attachment, and as a Dropbox download link, then unzip it and drag the file to Google Chrome-which should be open-and click on yes when it asks you to continue. That's it! You now have a quick and easy way to access BlackBerryOS.com!

    UPDATED: Fixed a bug where the user is not logged in when accessing the page through the app.

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